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JournalXR with Yewno Integration  

Istudy is the first decentralized student designed and developed learning platform that has integrated the artificial intelligence research engine, Yewno Create; a powerful search engine that  intuitively accelerates student understanding of their research journey.

Our blockchain enabled LMS has integrated the Open Journal System (OJS) to provide ease of access for high school students to publish their work and share it with the world (JournalXR). This additional feature is available in iStudyXR
The Educoin The Educoin gives students a powerful incentive to learn and engage with each other while earning currency they can use to invest in more learning. Students will be able to participate in the education market economy and earn  cryptocurrency through a variety of ways that enhance their learning. In iStudy, the Educoin will be attached to mastery and competency badges that students can earn on reaching mastery at specific milestones using smart contracts.
VOIP A VOIP system is also being developed to provide a robust system that is responsive to students who benefit from this technology. VOIP will allow anyone in the class to join voice channels, and collaborate with each other regardless of location which will allow policy makers and stakeholders to implement equitable programs. Some exciting features that will increase student engagement in iStudy  include integrating livestream capability such as youtube live. This will make it possible for students to fully participate and engage authentically with curriculum being delivered from anywhere in the world.
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