The Zimbabwe Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education and InventXR LLC understand the need to continually upgrade IT infrastructure and education solutions in order to support Zimbabwe education and digitization operations to remain competitive in the 4th industrial revolution. The Minister of Primary and Secondary Education, Professor Paul Mavima spent five days in Silicon Valley engaging with leading education technology companies such as InventXR LLC. We are proud that that Zimbabwe and InventXR LLC reached a major milestone towards digital transformation of all primary and secondary schools.

By carefully analyzing the existing stakeholders (Zimbabwe public schools), processes, and tools, and by understanding the benefits of InventXR’s education technology solutions, leaders in both organizations have developed a balanced path to success that will ensure a smooth transition and successful adoption of InventXR’s innovative learning management system in Zimbabwe schools as well as the development the New Zimbabwe Education Network. InventXR will offered it’s education technology services with our local partners GoDigital who will act as a distribution center for InventXR’s service and training programs in schools.

The Minister of Zimbabwe visits InventXR and it’s partners to forge a path towards access to primary and secondary education in Zimbabwe.

The implementation of InventXR’s technologies today represents a paradigm shift (i.e. client server, distributed computing, network appliances, internet, service oriented architecture, cloud computing, and many to be discovered as we roll out nationally) which can be even more complex or controversial due the many stakeholders that need to be fully engaged at local, national and global levels. The ministry and InventXR LLC have already embraced advancement in education technology and have the most qualified team to date to ensure each Zimbabwean school is successful with proper training.

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