InventXR examines opportunities to potentiate institutional and corporate IT leadership into digital transformation success.

Values and Ethics Holding Ourselves to the Highest Standards

InventXR’s Core Values Integrity: InventXR employees demonstrate honesty and sound ethical behavior in all business transactions, and personal integrity in all dealings with others.

Mutual Respect: InventXR employees consistently treat individuals with respect and dignity.

Teamwork: InventXR employees work together as a team for the collective interests of InventXR.

Communication: InventXR employees share information effectively with one another. We balance the need to share information alongside the need for confidentiality regarding certain information.

Innovation: InventXR employees seek innovative and creative approaches to problem-solving.

Compliance, Ethics, and Business, Conduct Curriculum

Compliance, Ethics, and Business Conduct Curriculum To help employees understand and uphold InventXR’s Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, InventXR provides training courses, which include but are not limited to the following:

Anticorruption and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act : Trains employees to conduct business ethically and in accordance with applicable anticorruption laws and InventXR policy.

Ethics and Business Conduct: Trains employees to apply InventXR’s Code of Ethics and Business Conduct in their daily work.

Insider Trading: Trains employees to fully comply with the applicable insider trading and securities laws that govern transactions in the securities of InventXR and other companies.

Sexual Harassment Awareness: Teaches employees to recognize and report actions that may constitute sexual harassment.

Employee Health and Safety: Trains employees to identify and understand workplace hazards and to comply with all applicable health and safety laws, regulations, and any additional requirements.

Information Protection Awareness: Teaches employees how to protect information at InventXR and how to apply InventXR’s security and privacy policies and practices to their jobs.

InventXR Software Security Assurance:  Explains to employees the processes to be followed during product development and describes how to handle security vulnerabilities.

Governance Throughout its history, InventXR’s Board of Directors has developed corporate governance practices to fulfill its responsibility to members. The composition and activities of the Board of Directors, its approach to public disclosure, and the availability of ethics and business conduct resources for employees exemplify InventXR’s commitment to good corporate governance practices, including compliance with new standards.

Privacy and Security Safeguarding Information in a Hyperconnected World


Many InventXR’s  products are built with features designed to provide privacy and security controls for personal data, including the following:

  • Role-based access to help ensure that only users with proper permissions can access and edit sensitive data
  • Audit controls to allow organizations to track and report data activity
  • Label security to allow organizations to classify and manage access to their data
  • Features to help ensure that virtual private databases collect and display only the classes of data approved for use
  • Anonymization and data-masking tools to support privacy policies and practices

Accessibility Access Equals Opportunity

InventXR creates accessible products that allow any population and users with disabilities to perform the same tasks as other users of enterprise technology. InventXR’s Accessibility Program defines our corporate accessibility standards and trains employees to create products that meet those standards. Most InventXR products are coded to accessibility standards and include documentation in accessible formats. To learn more about InventXR’s Accessibility Program, including our portfolio of accessible products, visit InventXR’s Accessibility Program website. Learn more at InventXR’s Accessibility

Standards-Based Approach

InventXR  actively participates in accessibility standards-setting bodies such as the World Wide Web Consortium and the International Organization for Standardization. We believe that a single set of standards for application vendors, platform vendors, and assistive technology vendors reduces costs, speeds development, and provides customers with the greatest flexibility and choice in assistive technologies. Additionally, it allows users to learn skills that are transferable across a broad set of applications and technologies. We are significantly enhancing all our product lines to incorporate the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 2.0, as well as the new WAI-ARIA (Web Accessibility Initiative–Accessible Rich Internet Applications) coding techniques. These changes will allow web applications to operate like other desktop applications when used with assistive technology such as screen readers, screen magnifiers, and voice recognition and other alternative input devices, thereby enhancing accessibility for a broad range of persons with disabilities.



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