Exponential education technologies are disrupting old paradigms and unleashing new learning design opportunities. InventXR has embedded innovative Learning as Design technologies in every aspect of its process and product design, enabling institutions and corporations to reimagine their businesses, processes, and learning experiences. With the introduction of  Augmented Intelligence and Blockchain enabled Learning Design and Management Systems, the learning industry’s only self-driving, self-securing, and semi- supervised mastery transcript, InventXR is revolutionizing learning design and corporate training, enabling organizations to compete in the fourth industrial revolution (4iR). InventXR is the #1 provider of blockchain and Ai enabled learning design and management services, with a broad portfolio of learning design and management solutions for institutions and organizations of all sizes. Today customers in six continents use InventXR learning design and management services to seize business opportunities and solve real, tangible challenges in academic and corporate education.


InventXR Learning as Design Infrastructure serves as the foundational layer for our Autonomous Blockchain Enabled Mastery Transcript, as well as for InventXR’s learning platforms and application infrastructure. It is a distributed network infrastructure designed to run any enterprise application and workload securely. In a single offering, InventXR infrastructure combines the flexibility and cost benefits of a public cloud with the predictability and control of an on-premises environment. With the introduction of InventXR’s Learning Design and Management solution, the industry’s only self-driving, self-securing, and semi-supervised service system, InventXR has reinvented precision learning and assessment for its clients. This groundbreaking enterprise solution delivers outstanding security with unmatched availability and performance.

InventXR’s Learning as Design Platform serves as the foundation for building, running, integrating, monitoring, and securing edtech applications, as well as for driving new insights. InventXR’s Learning Design Platform provides a complete set of open and standards–based tools that span data management, application development, integration, analytics and big data, management, and security. With InventXR’s advanced capabilities, customers can rapidly provision resources and dramatically simplify patching, upgrades, backups, and restoration.

Corporate and Academic Learning Solutions

InventXR Learning as Design Applications Including enterprise resource planning, enterprise performance management, customer experience, and human capital and supply chain management— embed AI capabilities and machine learning to help academic and corporate organizations derive better insights about learners, employees, and processes. AI-enabled education and training applications not only may detect academic and business trends—but also learn from the results and make recommendations that add academic and business value. Decision science drives the outcomes for academic and business leaders without always requiring help from data scientists or IT. InventXR Learning Design Applications are built to support modern digital academic and corporate training processes, fueled by the power of data. This means that applications can be connected seamlessly and intelligently—turning insight into action. With integrated AI and machine learning, inventXR’s Learning Design applications can deliver more immediate academic and business impact. InventXR also provides industry-specifc applications for running an organization’s core business, on premises or in through a customized distributed network infrastructure.
Open and innovative Development Platform InventXR  is committed to delivering an open standards–based development platform that supports not only InventXR products, but also open source technologies for blockchain, containers, serverless, AI, machine learning, streaming technologies, and various programming languages. Developers have the option to use their preferred application stack for developing and deploying applications on InventXR network infrastructure.
Pathways to Innovation InventXR uniquely offers multiple paths and services to facilitate a customer’s move to any distributed network infrastructure. Our network strategy is built on the understanding that cloud and on-premises implementations must coexist. This gives customers a path that meets their future needs while allowing them to preserve and upgrade their existing investments. With free trials and our “bring your own license” and “universal credit pricing” programs, InventXR makes it easy for organizations to try, buy, and consume network services while leveraging existing InventXR investments. And InventXR’s  world’s first automated learning design management offering, enables customers to save time and resources. As part of our commitment to customer success, InventXR offers world-class consulting, support, and training. Today, enterprise customers in all continents use InventXR technologies to seize business opportunities and solve real, tangible challenges.
Corporate Citizenship InventXR Volunteers generously donate their time and talents to make a positive impact on communities around the world. Learn more about InventXR Volunteers and our global workforce.

Awards and Recognition Honors from Respected Organizations

  • Microsoft Education
  • Unity
  • Vive
  • Stanford University
  • Moonshots in Education
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